That money should work is an axiom that has long been recognized by all. That is why investors are constantly looking for ways to make a profitable investment. There are many options for such a contribution, but, unfortunately, not all of them will lead you to the desired result. Do not lose your vigilance and forget that outright scammers who are ready to embezzle your money have not yet died out. Hardly any of the investors is eager to get into the hands of such “well-wishers”.

With any investment, certain rules should be followed:

1. Do not invest in the first project you come across. The choice should be approached as carefully and seriously as possible. Plus, you shouldn’t invest if you don’t have free funds.

For example, investing borrowed money. If the chosen project fails, you can lose everything. No one will give you a full guarantee that the project will bring profit. Keep in mind that any investment is risky and you are not immune to failure.

“The higher the income, the more the risks increase. Although, the one who does not take risks will receive nothing ”


2. Before making a contribution, study and calculate all the associated risks and try to predict the potential level of income. Do not forget that there is a direct proportional relationship. This means that the higher your income, the greater the risks. Although, without risking, you are unlikely to be able to earn anything. Also, be sure to consider the following indicators:

  • Payback period of investments
  • Risk index
  • Amount of income
  • Minimum investment contribution threshold

Diversification is a great way to reduce your risks. How it works? Everything is pretty simple, you need to invest not in one project, but in several at once. Even if one project is unsuccessful, the rest can bring you profit and compensate for the lost funds.



Compared to deposits, it should be noted that the purchase of shares is accompanied by great risks. But, it is important to note that the profitability in this case is higher. Income is associated with rising share prices and dividend payments.


Purchase of bonds

Investing in bonds is one of the most common methods of earning money. Even large banks use it, as it is characterized by reliability and simplicity. Compared to deposits, the bond rate is much higher. This option is used by those who wish to earn an average income.


Financial markets

In financial markets, there is a purchase and sale of a particular currency, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. You can trade either through a bank or through a specialized broker.

When contacting a broker, you can save on commissions, since they have less than banks.

If you have certain knowledge and skills, you can start trading on your own. Otherwise, you can turn to professionals for help. The broker’s interest in this case is a percentage of your profit.

Bank deposit / savings account

Quite a convenient option for an investor from the point of view that money can be withdrawn absolutely at any time. Despite this, a bank deposit is far from the best investment, since the interest rate for the deposit is very low, which will not allow the investor to earn much. The percentage ranges from 6-8%. Also, it is important to consider inflation. It is possible that it will absorb most of the profits. It is better to consider such a deposit option to preserve savings, and not as an option to earn money.


Investments in real estate

Investments in real estate have a good prospect, as they are always in demand among investors. The popularity of this kind of contribution does not diminish even during the crisis. There are two types of contributions:

  • Share building. Here the apartment is purchased at the stage of excavation development.
  • Buying a finished apartment and renting it out.

Also, you can take advantage of the sublease option. The bottom line is to rent an apartment for a long time and then rent it out by the day or even for several hours. With this option, the investor gets a good income. The only drawback is that a lot of start-up capital is required.  


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