Feedback From Our Customers

The opinion of our clients about the company’s work is very important to us. We appreciate each of you, and it is important for us that you will receive not only profit, but also pleasure from working with us. That is why we conduct short interviews and share with you the impressions of our clients.

Anastasia Orlova


I want to say thanks to Golden Stanley. It is a very attentive staff. From the moment of submitting the application to the beginning of the work, they were accompanied at every step and explained in detail what, how and why to do. Very nice people who are comfortable to work with.

Kriss Marcella


I did not believe in such companies until I was convinced by personal experience. From the very beginning, I did not wait for the analyst’s call, opened an account and lost all my money. But when the expert contacted me, he correctly explained what I did wrong. I invested more, and in less than a month we completely covered the loss and came out on top. Thanks to the analysts for their professionalism.

Sam Luke


Good company, always help with everything. You can contact your expert directly. They are highly literate people. They only give verified information

Keith Palmer


I don’t understand anything about all these charts and indexes, so I was very afraid to start. There was a fear that I would be deceived, and I would not even understand it. The company turned out to be honest, no extra money is taken. They are very tolerant, even if I ask the same question several times.

Bill Petridis


I can definitely say that this is the best company I have ever worked with. The most comfortable conditions and the choice of strategy for your interests. If you want to make money quickly – you are welcome. They will build a strategy, warn you about all the hidden dangers, but certainly, you make the choice yourself.

Vladimir Kolomenko


I am very pleased with the variety of tools. You can choose what you like. I earn money on cryptocurrency. They gave me an expert in this particular field for comfortable work. It is a really helpful and attentive staff.

Anna Kutuzova


I am very pleased with the work with Golden Stanley, especially the execution. The withdrawal is very fast. Excellent choice of tools. I can rate your work a solid four with a plus.

Michael Strogov


I have been working with Golden Stanley for almost 8 months and so far nothing has disappointed. My work with the company can be assessed as a solid 4 for all parameters. The funds are always withdrawn within a day. They always withdraw funds within 24 hours. They take reasonable commission. The initial deposit seems big at first glance.

Nikoloz Bruns


For our reality, Golden Stanley is one of the normal brokers. Lots of different instruments, a convenient platform. The deposit for a trader from the former CIS is not the most accessible.

Orica Fragali


I worked with broker Golden Stanley before, now I need to re-submit documents, because I haven’t traded for a year. Today I think that the spreads are too big, but there are also a lot of positive aspects, the speed of withdrawal and crediting of funds, as well as competent analysts.

Christina Lee


I rarely leave reviews, especially positive ones. In 2018, I opened an account with Golden Stanley and have been trading and earning for almost 2 years. The experience of working with this broker is mostly positive. Trading conditions are acceptable, including for beginners. The terminal is working fine with practically no slippage.

Giorgi Melikhov


I would like to say a few words about the Golden Stanley company. The procedure for opening a trading account and verification is fast. Deposit of funds without commissions, withdrawal is also fast, but they take a commission for it. The support service works fine, sometimes it is difficult to get through.

Sandra Burtseladze


I trade for a year, the conditions are generally acceptable. At the moment, spreads and commissions have been reduced, trading has become more profitable. Basically, everything is going well and I haven’t encountered any major problems. The only thing that I would like to improve is a decrease in commissions for the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies.

Nikolay Teplov


I chose Golden Stanley as an additional broker to monitor quotes. I started trading with $500. I trade intraday. Analysts work well and promptly. The terminal practically does not hang up, execution is fast, and stop-losses are executed.

Igor Lartsev


It is not the first day I have been working with Golden Stanley. I got to them by accident, saw an advertisement and registered. What I want to note is the excellent execution of orders, there are interesting promotions and contests among traders. My advice for beginners, if you are zero in trading, then it is better to trade with signals or with an analyst.

Irma Tsybulko


Golden Stanley is generally satisfied, stop loss and take profit are visualized on the chart, this is very practical, and I did not notice the delay in order execution. Huge shoulders can be both in favor and bring a loss, everyone chooses this for himself. There are no questions about the functioning of the company.

Peter Morozov


Golden Stanley has a good platform. To tell the truth, for an amateur. It is a browser-based platform, without installation on a computer. But there are a lot of different chips. I tested it, I liked it. So I decided to work here.

Darya Shepel


Golden Stanley is pleased to see the transparency of the trading conditions. They give a detailed specification for all accounts, the documents are all publicly available on the website. You can learn from analysts with many years of experience, lots of assets to choose from, plus I got a bonus when opening an account.

Farida Ismailova


There are different reviews about Golden Stanley, I was satisfied with the work of this company. You can trade in the stock and foreign exchange markets, the platform is convenient and easy to use. Comparing with other platforms, it is in no way inferior, it has many tools. My advice is to look for a broker for yourself.

Herman Luottonen


Golden Stanley became for me a guide to the world of investments, earlier I did not believe that it was possible to earn money in this area without having a specialized education and work experience, but as it turned out in the era of technology, this is available to everyone, thanks to experienced analysts, I am not afraid to make a mistake.

Evgeny Kotov


Great experience with Golden Stanley. The broker did not disappoint, although I read different reviews about Golden Stanley. Good competent technical support, a large selection of trading instruments. There are many ways to deposit and withdraw. This broker is a top.

Inna Wassermeier


My opinion about Golden Stanley was formed on the basis of a year of work with this company, at first everything was incomprehensible to me, but after a while everything became very clear, my analyst explained to me everything that I did not understand, answered all my questions and, of course, helped earn me.

Anna Mayer


I read different reviews about Golden Stanley, but the manager who called me inspired confidence and I decided to take a chance to test everything on my own experience. Now I am very grateful to my intuition, because for more than 2 years I have been working and earning money with Golden Stanley.

Vitaly Harutyunyan


One of the best brokers today in terms of features. Despite a lot of bad fake reviews, I chose Golden Stanley because no one else can offer such performance and spreads with a deposit of$ 200. I also like the level of account security, I think no one will argue with that.

Victoria Navarova


I did not become a millionaire with Golden Stanley, but I am happy to work with them. Always clear and fast execution of orders, normal commissions and excellent service. I especially like the analysts – they explain everything in a very clear and understandable way.

Evgeny Muchanov


So I decided to leave a review about Golden Stanley with whom I have been working for half a year. I am a beginner trader and I am just gaining experience. At this stage, almost everything suits me, especially working with an analyst. The customer support service responds promptly, the performance is good, the main thing is to control your emotions. I have withdrawn small amounts a couple of times, the withdrawal has been received on the card on the same day.

John Green


I want to express my strictly personal opinion about Golden Stanley, for me it is a platform where I can earn extra income. I have never had any problems with it. Everything is clear, the terminal is smart, modern and convenient. The support team answers questions quickly, no need to wait a week.

Dmitry Kolesov


I turned to Golden Stanley when I was looking for options for investing in foreign stocks. I didn’t care what I invested in, as long as I preserved my capital. I did not want to invest in projects for the development of digital technology, but when I read the analyst reports, I realized that this was a promising area. Especially now, as the company’s analysts confirmed.

Murat Zabekov


I moved to Golden Stanley from another broker and have never regretted it. Came at the invitation of a friend. Called a very friendly consultant, explained everything and we got registered and started working, I have the most positive feedback and impressions about Golden Stanley.

Maria Shishkina


As they say, the first glance turns out to be the most correct. My first look at Golden Stanley was positive. It is difficult for me to name any obvious disadvantages of this brokerage company. But there are enough positive aspects.

Julianna Khamenko


I rarely leave reviews, but I want to share my opinion, as I am rarely satisfied with something. Golden Stanley has complied with all my requirements and requests in relation to brokers, which I am very happy about and can safely trade and earn. Thank you.

Irina Kolokoltseva


I have just recently started doing business with Golden Stanley. In general, the service is always polite and loyal. The investment company itself has been on the market for a long time and has an excellent reputation, so it is credible. The fact that the company survived three crises and has good reliability ratings is a plus to its reputation. I do not know how it will go, but so far I have no complaints.

Sonya Reshetova


I am satisfied with the company, but the support service could be more efficient, sometimes it takes a very long time to find out what I need to find out and they switch from manager to manager. As a result, it takes a whole day to resolve the issue.

Mark Kolesov


I trade with two brokers at the same time. Lately I have been leaning more and more towards switching to Golden Stanley, the company has been on the market for a long time and is still developing. It is possible to work with them, I am convinced of that from my own experience. The terminal works like clockwork, no delays in withdrawal. They do not hinder and do not delay withdrawal. The terminal does not hang and does not lag, and the support is quick and polite. One of the few brokers who is a real pleasure to work with.

Yuri Begov


I recommend Golden Stanley to everyone, this is my opinion and the result of working with them. I have been working with them for just over a year. I am satisfied with everything, good technical support, and excellent managers. The analytics are correct 70-80% of the time, which is reflected in the money equivalent.

Yelisey Yakimenko


I transferred all my capital here from another broker just because of the cryptocurrency. Two friends advised Golden Stanley. They didn’t trade crypto from the start, as soon as the broker introduced it. They said there were no problems. There were doubts, of course, but they cleared up in a couple of weeks. Quiet trade without any precedents. This is exactly what, in my opinion, a high-quality and reliable broker should be.