From the words – “Your chances of success are negligible!” the stories of the most successful people began, the founders of companies leading in their field.

In this article, we will introduce you to popular brands that have gone their way from an original idea to worldwide popularity. However, few people know that the stories of famous brands are primarily the stories of ordinary people who did not desire for glory at all, but rather, on the contrary, suffered from crisis and poverty.

Each of them did something that everyone else did not think of: he came to his own unique concept, thanks to which he won a place in the market and a special love of the consumer.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is a super popular social service in the world, invented by an ordinary student from Stanford Kevin Systrom in 2010. Wake up the creator in a person and use filters for this. This is what gave a powerful impetus to the success of the application, in which 25,000 people signed up on the very first day.

Nowadays, almost every start-up and big brand wants to have an Instagram page, because it is a great sales channel and a way to create a cool image for themselves. Absolutely everyone creates accounts, small IT companies, actors, shops and even presidents.

The huge potential of the platform did not leave indifferent the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Instagram became his most expensive purchase with a fantastic $ 1 billion value. He saw it as a potential competitor, because 500 million daily active users is an impressive figure, which is not so easy to dismiss. Instagram revenue from advertising by 2017 brought him more than $ 3 billion and has become an excellent asset to compete with Google.

  1. Starbucks “You and Starbucks. More than coffee “

Starbucks is the symbol of America and the largest coffee company in the world. It got its name in honor of the character in the famous novel by Herman Melville “Moby Dick”. The two-tailed mermaid logo migrated from an ancient engraving of the sixteenth century and is the most memorable element of the brand.

Every firm has a point that it keeps quiet, and Starbucks is no exception. Their assortment includes a huge selection of coffee drinks. But beware, Starbucks’ Grande Coffee contains 330 milligrams of caffeine – four times the amount found in Red Bull.

The company managed to win hearts by developing the special take-away coffee culture brought by Howard Schultz from Italy. It soon spread around the world, thanks to a well-thought-out franchise scheme. By the end of 2016, the number of coffee shops around the world exceeded 24,000, and the net profit exceeded $ 3.59 billion.

  1. Hugo Boss “The Man of Our Time”

Few people know, but the history of the luxury house Hugo Boss carries not only the creation of high-quality men’s suits, but also a dark Nazi past. Participation in World War II on the side of the Third Reich and the exploitation of the labor of prisoners of war was the founder’s decision, the consequences of which drag on the brand to the present day.

The heyday of Hugo Boss is associated with the name of Werner Baldessarini. It was he who created the very Hugo Boss business suit, which no self-respecting businessman can do without. The costumes differ from all the others in their special cut. It is most important. The secret of the luxurious Hugo Boss suit is that it makes a man look sexier than he really is.

Today in Hugo Boss stores you can buy not only clothes and shoes, but also accessories – in fact, get dressed from head to toe. The brand launched a line of luxury perfume, which was developed by famous French perfumers Pierre Varnier. Today, Hugo Boss is one of the most influential companies in the fashion world with an annual turnover of approximately $ 1.67 billion.

  1. M & M’S “Anywhere is more fun together!”

It’s hard to believe, but the long history of the world famous brand of M & M sweets began with a family quarrel between the founder of Mars Candy Company Franklin Mars and his son. As a result of the conflict, Forest went to the Civil War in Europe and it was there that he borrowed from the soldiers the idea of ​​releasing candy that does not conceal in the hands.

M&M became the first candy in the world to go into space. After that, the brand grew so much that it even allowed itself to become the official sponsor of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, and later declared itself the official candy of the millennium.

Today, sweets are so popular that they are among the riders of the most famous stars. For example, the greatest rapper Snoop Dogg will never come on tour to your city if a huge amount of M&M candies are not arranged in colors in his dressing room. The largest company Mars Inc. does not stand still and expects to double the volume of business from $ 35 billion to more than $ 70 billion over the next 10 years.

  1. LEGO “The best is not good enough”

The Lego company began its journey with the production of wooden stools. Who knew that over time, she would become the most profitable toy manufacturer in the world and build a whole city from her construction set.

Lego has grown into the manufacturer of the Millennium Building Set with the purchase of Denmark’s largest plastic injection mold and a patent for the development of plastic bricks that can be connected to each other.

In 2004, Lego opened an incredible opportunity for its customers to design a unique construction set with their own hands. Make any fantasy of children and adults come true. On the official website, you can download the Lego digital designer app for free and create your dream. Lego embodies the idea of ​​modeling and excites the imagination. Over the past year, the company produced 60 billion elements of the designer, and the net profit turnover amounted to $ 5.8 billion.

  1. Marlboro “Welcome to where the taste is – Welcome to the land of Marlboro”

Marlboro (Marlboro) – the best-selling brand of cigarettes in the world, produced by Philip Morris International since 1924. It is popular for significant charitable investments in motorsport, in particular, for financial support since 1997 of the Formula 1 Ferrari team.

By the way, the real macho Marlboro was at first a charming young lady, Mae West. This is what these cigarettes were called. They were designed for a female audience, but the sales of the product did not meet expectations. Leo Burnett, in order to prevent a disaster, changed the packaging as soon as possible and created the legend of the freedom-loving cowboy. The symbol of the American spirit in 2018 brought the company $ 6.286 billion.

  1. Sberbank “Always near”

Sberbank is the largest transnational and universal bank in the Russian Federation. Its history spans over 80 years of professional customer service. The bank financed the country during the Great Patriotic War and already in 1993 opened the possibility for people to use the first ATMs.

The bank observes complete confidentiality. Of course, he, like all banks, undergoes a financial examination for compliance with international standards. However, at the request of the bank, the results of this check will remain classified, so that clients will never know about the real state of affairs in the country.

Sberbank is considered one of the largest banks in the world, with the longest history of rebranding. Its clients are 110 million individuals and more than 1 million enterprises. Sberbank is present in 83 constituent entities of Russia and 22 countries. In general, in 2019 the bank earned 870.1 billion rubles net profit.

  1. Chupa Chups “Its round and very long.”

Chupa Chups legend says that its founder, Enrique Bernat, saw his mother scold a little boy for his candy-stained hands. It was this episode that inspired him to create a new sweetness. The song “Chupa, chupa, chupa Chups” was sung by children all over Spain.

In the 1980s, due to a falling birth rate, the company tried to attract anti-smoking slogans called “Smoke Chupa Chups” to attract new adult consumers. The screaming slogan of the anti-smoking company sounded like this – “Quit smoking, start sucking”, and their packages parody cigarette packs, some of them contained shocking inscriptions: “Sucking does not kill.” Thanks to a bright advertising campaign, “Chupa Chups” has enriched itself in earnest.

The idea of ​​placing lollipops on special stands near the checkout became a famous advertising technique, and the packaging design from Salvador Dali helped to achieve worldwide fame. The company’s profit according to the latest data was $ 3.3 billion.

  1. Twitch “You are already one of us”

Twitch is the world’s first video gaming service. A platform that has no analogues in the world yet. Its creator, Justin Kahn, was not afraid to broadcast his life on the Internet for nine months. It is thanks to him that now we can observe millions of people in real time.

An ongoing battle in category – the platform that will make you popular – is between the global giant YouTube and the fast-growing Twitch. If earlier the leadership of Twitch beat themselves in the chest that they were allowed only to stream games, now they have removed all restrictions. Even if you signed up for the service just yesterday and you have a zero audience, it will allow you to become famous all over the world very quickly.

The platform has given impetus to a new gaming movement, with 15 million viewers every day and 2 million streamers a month. Twitch is streaming eSports tournaments and taking gaming culture to the next level. Revenue from gaming content on Twitch over the past year was $ 1.7 billion.

  1. Oracle

Oracle (Oracle Corporation) is the second-largest software maker in terms of revenue and Microsoft’s biggest rival. Known thanks to the founder of the company Larry Alison, who at the beginning of his career created an excellent multifunctional database for the CIA, encrypted under the name Oracle.

Larry Ellison is the third US billionaire after Bill Gates and Warren Buffett according to Forbes. His fortune is estimated at $ 41 billion. The charismatic leader has turned Oracle into the largest supplier of server hardware.

Today the company cooperates with the US Air Force and is increasing its power every day due to the tactics of aggressive takeovers of competitors. Subdivisions of the corporation are located in more than 145 countries. As of 2019, Oracle’s net profit was $ 2.75 billion.


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